Monocle Condo Ottawa | 91 Shannon St
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91 Shannon St, Ottawa, ON K1Z 6Y6, Canada

Monocle Condo Ottawa | 91 Shannon St

Monocle Condo Ottawa is a preconstruction condo at 91 Shannon Street in Westboro. This development is by Ashcroft Homes and Cho... Read More

Monocle Condo Ottawa is a preconstruction condo at 91 Shannon Street in Westboro. This development is by Ashcroft Homes and Choo Communities. Architecture is being done by M. David Blakely Architect Inc. This low rise 4 storey building will feature 62 luxurious units with terraces and wrap around balconies. Monocle Condo Ottawa can be found just minutes away from Richmond Rd in the heart of Westboro. 

One of the premium amenities available to residents of Monocle Condo Ottawa will be the Executive Concierge service. It will feature an extensive selection of a-la-carte services, ranging from valet parking and private dining, to housekeeping, dry-cleaning and optional health care services. The roof top will feature a common terrace available for use by all residents and their guests. In addition to this, there will be an expansive main floor amenity zone packed with all you need. This space will feature a state of the art fitness center, sauna, whirlpool, yoga studio and party room. Underground parking spaces and storage lockers are available for purchase through the builder.

Monocle Condo Ottawa Neighbourhood Guide

Monocle Condo Ottawa is located in Westboro. Westboro is near the downtown core, just a 10-minute drive or bus ride on the transit way away. For the outdoorsy types, the neighbourhood has a concentration of outdoor and sport stores including Mountain Equipment Co-op, Lululemon Athletica, Bushtukah, The Expedition Shoppe and Trailhead. It is also close to cycling trails and whitewater rapids in the Ottawa River.

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Low-Rise Buildings in Ottawa

Monocle Condo Ottawa is a low-rise building.Low Rise apartments can be found all over the world. Depending on the city, they can be a highly sought after living arrangement. Low Rise condos with most commonly be referred to buildings of less than four stories. They tend to be walkups without the benefit of an elevator. The charm and character of these buildings makes up a large part of the draw. Smaller buildings that are less expensive to build overall, may include more architectural features and other design features that set it apart. Newer builds in particular will strive to keep the continuity of the neighbourhood. They may take historical reference from the buildings around them, and strive to offer what can’t be found in a high rise buildings. These thoughtful Low Rise projects are of particular importance in neighbourhoods where bylaws stand to uphold sight lines and other existing community elements.

In some parts of the world the buildings may have historic value and are sought after for their cultural cache. The uniqueness of these buildings sets them apart as one of a kind living spaces. Older Low Rise buildings may lack some of the amenities of newer Low Rise builds. However, new units are not as easy to find with rising cost to build and developers wanting to maximize the number of units in their buildings. This is most evident in urban centres where density and cost of the footprint for the land are high. In the developing suburbs around city centres, new builds of all heights can be found. The density of outer urban centres is increasing at super speed. These newly designed communities offer much by way of options, including interesting low rise choices.

The size of Low Rise buildings can vary greatly, with just a few units or they may be quite dense. The choices for configuration of Low Rise buildings can also have a wide range. Some townhouses share a sidewall, are two or three stories and might include a front and back entrance and yard. Similar units may be found that are stacked, run front to back and may still include multiple stories within the units. These units may or may not all have entrance at grade.

It’s also possible to find townhouses that have back to back configuration, where units share a backwall. Multi-story low rise apartment buildings will have units that are stacked vertically, usually with fewer than four floors and will share an interior corridor. There are fewer examples of older buildings that share an exterior corridor. Hybrid buildings will have grade access units at the base with stacked units on top that share in interior corridor.

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Monocle Condo Ottawa | 91 Shannon St - Units

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Monocle Condo Ottawa | 91 Shannon St - Floorplans

Monocle Condo Ottawa | 91 Shannon St - Amenities

  • Concierge
  • Elevator
  • Fitness Center
  • Party Room
  • Roof Top Terrace
  • Sauna
  • Security
  • Storage Locker
  • Underground Parking
  • Yoga Studio

Monocle Condo Ottawa | 91 Shannon St - Location

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