The Dwell Condo Ottawa | 457 McLeod St
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457 McLeod Street, Ottawa, ON K1R 5P5, Canada

The Dwell Condo Ottawa | 457 McLeod St

The Dwell Condo Ottawa, built by Domicile in 2007, is a great urban loft building containing 35 units located in Centretown. Although located on a qui... Read More

The Dwell Condo Ottawa, built by Domicile in 2007, is a great urban loft building containing 35 units located in Centretown. Although located on a quiet, tree-lined street, this building is just steps from the hustle and bustle of Ottawa’s shops, restaurants, and bars. The units are characterized by high 12 ft ceilings, hardwood floors, gas fireplaces, large windows, central air, and balconies. A unique feature of this building is the units offer gas hookups on private balconies for residents to use for their own personal BBQs. Underground parking, storage lockers, elevators, a bike room, and secure entrances are great features that this building offers. The Dwell Condo Ottawa is ideal, perfect for either relaxing or entertaining.stop.

The Dwell Neighbourhood Guide

The Dwell is located in Centretown. You will love Elgin Street’s lively pub culture, it is a source of envy from many ‘Ottawaians’ who live too far from Centretown to experience it. There is also the famous Sparks Street. This small pedestrian street in the heart of downtown Ottawa has been known to host several food and music festivals. Even on quiet days, you are bound to find a number of interesting shops and outdoor stalls at the pedestrian mall which sets up year-round. And of course, you can’t forget Centretown’s rich history which is told through an array of plaques and sculptures found all around the area. All of this, buttressed by the presence of residents representing many cultures and multiple bus routes to transport you around the community makes Centre town a place that will grow on you rather quickly.

Other Hard Lofts in Ottawa

Hard Lofts in Ottawa

The Dwell is a hard loft. An authentic Hard Loft is a rare beast. Lofts in Ottawa are in short supply due to the nature of their origin. In order to fit this category, a former industrial or commercial use space must be converted into a residential living space. Out of this formula, some common elements arise. Old, often exposed brick, visible mechanical elements of the building such as pipes and beams, large windows and vaulted ceilings. The latter is the element from which a loft derives its name. A lofted ceiling that allows a living space to feel much larger than the square footage of the floor plan. Ceiling heights from 11 to16 ft are common.

There are no rules regarding whether or not a loft includes separate bedrooms. There may be no separation at all. Partition walls at less than ceiling height may be present or a second floor with partial walls or overlooks can be found. These are usually seen in units where the ceiling height is generous enough to allow room for a partial second floor.

The conversion of these commercial buildings is one-off. Often what makes them stand out are the singular elements associated with that particular building. Some will feature 100 yr old flooring, the wide beams and large nails that made up the factory floors of the day. Others may be touted for the uniqueness of the brick used to construct the building or the shape and style of the stonework. Window style will also be particular to each building, with original glass and frames, shape and size all contributing to the style of the lofts in Ottawa.

Of special interest, will be the history of the building. The story that these conversions tell is almost as important as the design in conveying the style of the home. The original use, any subsequent commercial conversions and the date of the original construction, all contribute to setting the buildings apart. All of these factors naturally limit the height of the buildings, but not necessarily the amenities. There are Hard Lofts that also include common areas, fitness rooms and shared rooftop spaces. Of particular interest are buildings that have been reclaimed from the public domain such as schools and churches.

The other criteria that must be filled are the location. While this applies to every home and business, the trick with Hard Lofts is there must be underutilized or vacant industrial space near to an urban centre. Simply converting a vacant factory in the middle of nowhere, doesn’t have much appeal. Look for office, commercial and retail conversion as live work spaces to fill the gap in demand. It is also important to note the distinction between living spaces and those designated for mixed use, as this adds volume to the available Hard Loft category. Those with dual zoning are sometimes listed as artists’ spaces or live-work units. Both styles are more likely to be found in urban centres with high foot traffic.

The price tag associated with these one-of-a-kind lofts in Ottawa is not often congruent with the artist’s label they may receive. In some cities, this was born of the use of buildings that could house projects but were not necessarily converted to living spaces. In the past, inexpensive, unused industrial space was a great fit for artists. Necessities like plumbing and heat were ignored in favour of the affordability. City zoning and housing laws will play a large part in determining what’s on offer for Hard Lofts today. Each city will determine what constitutes a space fit for living, and where inhabitants are allowed to offer commercial services from their residence.

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The Dwell Condo Ottawa | 457 McLeod St - Units

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The Dwell Condo Ottawa | 457 McLeod St - Floorplans

The Dwell Condo Ottawa | 457 McLeod St - Amenities

  • Elevator
  • Security
  • Storage Locker
  • Underground Parking

The Dwell Condo Ottawa | 457 McLeod St - Location

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