Condos Walking Distance from the O-Train

After years of deliberations, negotiations, a sink hole, and multiple delays, the LRT is finally open! The City of Ottawa can finally rejoice and bear the fruits of its new transit system. Outside of the traffic decongestion, shorter commute times, lower environmental impact, and general travelling convenience; the O-Train is going to have an impact on condo living. Older buildings that were looked over by condo buyers, buildings with a low walk score, and buildings with poor operational history, if in the right location, will get a rejuvenated vibe and attract a new set of buyers. Let’s take a journey down the Confederation Line from Tunney’s Pasture Station to Rideau Station and see what’s in store for the downtown Ottawa condo market!

Tunney’s Pasture Station

Tunney’s has been long view as a secluded government complex in the middle of the city. With some condos, it’s walkable enough to the hustle and bustle of Hintonburg and Wellington West, but not the most convenient of walks. As a result, condo pricing has remained relatively low to that of its neighbouring neighbourhoods. Injecting the O-Train will give this neighbourhoods condo market a fresh sense of energy and can create multiple scenarios for condo buying value in the city.

Bayview Station

Trinity Station is the star development in the area. Currently, the towers are slated to be built as rentals. Fingers crossed they change their mind so Ottawa can have it’s first 65 story condo building!

Pimisi Station

Pimisi aka Lebreton Flats is our next stop. Often viewed as a small condo development nestled just outside the downtown core, the area is primed for so much more. Kanaal, Zibi’s first Ontario building is about to open in 2020, which is the first of many new buildings slated for the area. The major redevelopment of the area lies with the NCC and failed bid to, among other things, bring the Senators and new arena downtown (in my opinion; where it belongs!). Once this is resolved and moving forward, LeBreton Flats could become a premier destination for condo dwellers in Ottawa. One thing is certain, it’s going to be far more convenient to travel to and from LeBreton Flats with Pimisi open!

Lyon Station

West Centretown is about to get a huge face lift. Walking down that side of Centretown does leave much to the imagination as it’s a series of older office buildings, condos, and parking lots. Claridge has launched their new building, Moon, directly under the LRT stop and Main on Main just announced their plans for a huge mixed-use development.

Parliament Station

Every city has a cornerstone location, Ottawa’s is Parliament Hill. Home to the political and influential capital of the country, most major activity happens here. As such, the area is well developed save and except for the ReResidences. This project will feature one of a kind Parliament Hill views that won’t be replicated.

Rideau Station

Rideau Street has been through a tough stretch. Historically, it was a major commerce and trade centre for decades. Since the announcement of the O-Train, it has been partially open, but mostly closed, for years. The Rideau Station completion marks the reopening of the street and connection of the Byward Market with the Rideau Centre in a more meaningful way for visitors. The Market has seen various multi-phase condo projects over time (Claridge Plaza, East Market Lofts, and the Galleria, to name a few) that will benefit. Special note for 90 George owners and future owners: having an O-Train stop right next to your building is a big plus!

The O-Train is finally open, sigh of relief Ottawa! The convenience of it should be felt immediately and the coming condo pricing swing (yes, up) shouldn’t be to far behind.

Post by: Zev Kershman

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