Residential Negotiations 101

Deal making is at the center of a Real Estate Professionals job every day. With this said, there have been noticeable similarities / common denominators present in the majority of residential properties that our buyers have picked up at what can be viewed as a “steal”. The three most critical pieces of information that need to be understood prior to entering into a non- emotional negotiation.

1) Don’t even consider a negotiation without this piece of info. “How much did the seller pay for the property and when did they buy it “.

Thinking rationally, it should not matter what the seller bought a property for because in a perfect world market price will find itself. But since the world isn’t perfect, if you are a deal seeker and you combine a property that was purchased 10 years ago for 200k that is now worth 315k and a seller that is motivated a deal COULD be on the table at 300k or north. The thought of cashing out, or moving on combined with a nice profit will typically help facilitate the transaction. Vs the exact same property except the seller just purchased it last year for 298k and would be taking a loss at 300k. This second seller may be more inclined to sit tight and wait for 315k to cover their loses.

2) How many days has the property been on the market for.

This element is pretty obvious. Days on market combined with motivating mitigating factors can often lead to a low ball ofer being looked at more seriously than if the property has been two weeks on market

3) Has the seller purchased another property yet or any other motivating factors such as break ups.

The thought of carrying two properties can lead consumers to act irrationally. If possible, look into this. Even if the seller holds their hand close, have your agent test their position with the old Offer and Walk. This approach will likely lead to a call back in a few days and a possible deal!

Deals are in the details!

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